Pathways© Nonprofit Workshop Brighton, MI

Brighton, MI

Friday, Oct. 22, 2021 - Friday, Dec. 17, 2021

Are you an existing nonprofit organization struggling during these unusual times? Tired of working on fundraiser after fundraiser and not getting the results you want? Or perhaps you have always wanted to start a nonprofit, but you didn’t know where to begin? We’ll help you create a plan and a timeline to fit your needs and to create sustainability.

Sustainable funding maintains the resources to care for and run buildings, programs, and projects at their current levels. The Pathways© process enables organizations to examine and develop strategies to address the many nuances of successful nonprofit operations to ensure a sustainable future.

With 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the U.S., competition for donors can indeed be a challenge. Nonprofits usually begin with individuals who want to make a difference in the world. They have the passion for what they hope to accomplish, but may not have the requisite skill sets, knowledge base, connections, spheres of influence, or the necessary resources to realize their vision. Nonprofits can achieve mission success when coached to utilize the right strategies. Taking the right steps at the right time–to till the soil of their idea, plant the seeds of mission and vision, and begin to reap the harvest – will help your nonprofit realize your vision and become a sustainable organization with all the necessary roles and functions fully formed.

Organizations are encouraged to bring multiple participants from your nonprofit to the workshop. Each member of your team has a different primary focus or responsibility. Through Pathways©, you can learn how those various components fit together effectively and allow for implementation success. Additional participants from your nonprofit receive a substantial registration discount.

Pathways© can help you achieve your vision. You will leave with a workbook and materials that provide a custom-tailored roadmap for a sustainable future.


Non Profit Executive Directors, Administrative and Support Staff, Board Members, Volunteers, Individuals wanting to leave a legacy

Workshop Includes

Attend one afternoon session every other week 12:00 to 4:30 pm at Ciao Amici’s.

Ciao Amici’s
217 W Main St.
Brighton, MI 48116

12:00 pm Enjoy a delicious catered lunch
each week from Ciao Amici’s (included) and
brainstorm/share ideas with other participants

1:00-4:30 pm Interactive Workshop
SESSION I Friday, October 22
SESSION II Friday, November 5
SESSION III Friday, November 19
SESSION IV Friday, December 3
SESSION V Friday, December 17

Workshop Agenda / Topics


  • Table Talk Lunch: Sharing your nonprofit story
  • Workshop introduction and format
  • Assessing your nonprofit’s readiness
  • The process for planning and implementation
  • Realizing your vision
  • Defining your nonprofit
  • Anticipating nonprofit risk factors
  • Homework assignments


  • Table Talk Lunch: Sharing Homework Session I
  • Nonprofit business and administration
  • The Nonprofit Board
  • The Ripple Effect
  • Planning the cost of your Vision
  • Anticipating Future Staffing and Operations
  • Determining your Future Budget
  • Homework assignments


  • Table Talk Lunch: Sharing Homework Session II
  • The Three Legs of Successful Fundraising
  • Homework assignments


  • Table Talk Lunch: Sharing Homework Session III
  • How we work together
  • Nonprofit assessment exercise
  • Pivot Point
  • Homework assignments


  • Table Talk Lunch: Sharing Homework Session IV
  • Planning a Capital Campaign
  • Creating an Implementation Plan
  • Metrics, measuring success
  • Next steps, staying connected


Eric A. Becher, President, Vavarde
(904) 357-0833

Workshop Dates:

Friday, Oct. 22, 2021 - Friday, Dec. 17, 2021


Single Registration: $500

Additional Registrants from same nonprofit: $199


Ciao Amici’s
217 W Main St.
Brighton, MI 48116

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The cost to attend Pathways© Nonprofit Workshop Brighton, MI is $500 for a single registrant, and $199 per each additional registrant from the same nonprofit.

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