Strategic Planning and Implementation

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Many organizations forget the implementation part of their strategic plan. Vavarde specialists can take you from planning and prioritization to successful implementation. Work with the members of our team that you need for your projects. Our experienced staff will align our expertise with your needs using the following process:

  • Identify your Mission and Vision

    • Create mission and vision statements that reflect the present and future of your organization.

  • Create Achievable Goals and Objectives

    • Weight the prioritization process – Do your goals represent the wishes and desires of your customers and match the skill sets of your team?
    • Determine the Ripple Effect – How does that new objective affect the ongoing work of your organization?

  • Link Goals and Objectives to Budget and Resource Development

    • Budget implications for new objectives.
    • Learn how to create a five-year rolling budget model.
    • Determine current and new revenue streams.
      • Revenue from nonprofit activity (tickets, purchases, offerings, memberships, services, etc.)
      • Revenue from fundraising
    • Vavarde can assist you by applying our three-pronged resource development approach.

  • Implementation Process and Plan

    The Vavarde Team creates an implementation plan that incorporates internal and external expertise to complete the organization's vision and goals.

    The Implementation Plan helps organizations stay on course and grow quickly as the plan unfolds.

  • Develop Metrics and Milestones to Measure Your Success

    • Plan your measures before you launch your project.

  • Communicate the Plan to Internal and External Audiences

    • Does your internal team know the strategy?
    • Create a comprehensive communication plan to tell the story effectively.
    • Create understandable reports regarding your progress.
      • Board reports
      • Annual and special topic reports to your constituents
      • Popular and specialized stories for a more general audience

  • Conference Style Workshops

    Work together with members of your team and other nonprofits to develop your strategic plan.

  • Retreat Style Facilitation Workshops

    Strategic Planning Facilitation for Individual Nonprofits.


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