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As the Venue Director for a non-profit organization, I attended a 3 day conference recently with Vavarde Strategic Funding. The overall program was amazing! Eric is a great teacher. He was able to speak to the entire group – keeping us all engaged and interested. There was some back and forth interaction – questions and answers which helped keep everything moving along and on schedule.  Pathways was a great Conference! Highly recommended.

Jeff Tawney

Venue Director, Friday Musicale

We left Vavarde's Pathways Nonprofit Workshop feeling confident in what we have already accomplished and excited for our next steps. It was good to meet with other non-profit organizations and share the principles and strategies that enable each of us to be impactful in our communities". I especially like hearing about donor engagement, strategic planning and long-term goal setting.

Courtney Roebuck

HR Director, Jacksonville School for Autism

The workshop opened my eyes to establishing an annual fund and possibly starting an endowment. We never considered it and probably still wouldn't have if it had not been for the information in this workshop!

Bill Jones

President, St. Augustine Beach Civic Association

Vavarde Strategic Funding is a first class organization with the knowledge and expertise to help your nonprofit get to the next level. I would like to personally thank Dr. Becher for his amazing workshop.

Bob Shartow

COO, Indy Composite Works

Vavarde Strategic Funding’s Pathways Nonprofit Workshop was refreshing and enlightening. During this training, Dr. Eric Becher covered, in detail, all relevant aspects of the non-profit world that are essential to the growth and success of non-profit organizations. Much, if not all, of what was discussed during this training has been effective at not only helping me to succeed in my position, but helping me to better understand my organization as a whole.

Jason Henika

Development Specialist, Hubbard House

Dr. Becher and his team provided a comprehensive workshop. I learned alot to carry back to my Board of Directors. We can begin major steps to make our nonprofit more sustainable, more visible to our original and new audiences. We're better poised for growth!

Michael Scott Thomas

Director, Old City Drum Corps

Attending this workshop inspired me to bring new ideas to our Volunteer Corps to promote resource building and sharing with other churches - enhancing our individual and collaborative missions.

Janet Withers

Volunteer Coordinator, Spring Glen UMC