Major Gifts

Major Gifts

Raising significant funds from your top donors can be life changing – for your organization and for your donors. Vavarde can help your team make it happen.

  • Start the Process

    Learn how to create powerful donor proposals using wealth screening, donor database profiles, and organization storytelling.

  • Increase the Odds

    Approaching a major donor must be carefully scheduled. Determine the right time to “ask” so that your team gets the best results.

  • Have a Fundraising Partner

    Major gift solicitations are often more successful when your organization uses a team approach by sending a key organization member and a support staff “fundraising partner.” Vavarde can teach your staff how to assist with the in-person “ask.” Or a Vavarde specialist can be your fundraising partner.

  • What’s Next

    Don’t forget to create a follow up strategy. Determine how to thank your donor in seven ways. Be sure that your communications team has the information needed for media coverage appropriate for the gift.

  • Sustained Giving

    When will your team approach this donor again? Increase your “ask” yield and inspire future gifts by stewarding your donors effectively.

If you are struggling to acquire major gifts, Vavarde can help. Contact us today to get started.

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