Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Vavarde can provide help with board, executive, staff, volunteer, and team development.  We can also support the critical process of selecting, hiring and encouraging staff.

  • Leadership Assessments

    Is your executive staff leading effectively? We will identify areas for growth and then guide you through the process of expansion.

  • Board & Leadership Development

    A successful board and executive staff must be coached and inspired. We can help you do this once, annually or during transitions. Motivate effective teamwork through individual and group training, including new board member orientations. We will work to develop professional growth plans so that individuals and the organization as a whole can be successful.

  • Team Development

    Motivate effective teamwork through individual and team training; and create professional development tools and activities for effective teams.

  • Team Strength Assessment

    We will help you assess your team(s) strengths and areas for growth so that they can be more successful.

  • Hire and Encourage Effective Staff

    We can help you build a talented and committed staff by screening applicants and guiding new team members through a New Team Member Orientation/On-Boarding. Then, we will work with your human resources staff to design professional development tools and activities, and develop individual professional growth plans to inspire and elevate your team members.

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