Retreat Style Facilitation Workshops

Strategic Planning Facilitation for Individual Nonprofits

We can provide onsite one-day or two-day retreats for your nonprofit to facilitate development of your strategic plan including:
• Pre-Retreat workup – Executive Director/Leader & Dr. Becher pre-planning session(s)
• Determining Vision and Mission focus
• Establishing Goals, Objectives, and Actions settings
• Assessing Organizational Attributes
• Creating Organizational Buy-in and incorporating Motivational Strategies
• Planning the Annual Timeline and accompanying Strategic Milestone Calendar
• Developing a Comprehensive Communication Plan development
• Building stronger relationships and creating a stewardship plan
• Creating a Sustainable Organization through operational and fundraising sources
• Planning a Capital Campaign (as needed)
• Measuring Results and creating an Annual Dashboard
• Post-Retreat Report Development and Board presentation
Call us for an initial consultation and for additional information: (904) 357-0833 or email Dr. Eric A. Becher at

Let’s plan your future together!