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Bob is a Business Development professional and engineer that has spent his life translating "the voice of the customer" into specifications and new products. He currently acts as a business development consultant and product design engineer for his clients. As part of the Vavarde Team, Bob assists Dr. Becher with designing facility layouts and assisting with new revenue stream opportunities that meet the diverse needs of nonprofit organizations.

He earned his engineering degree at The University of Michigan. While there, Bob served as President of the University Cellar Bookstore, Vice President of the University Activities Center, was inducted into the Vulcan's Engineering Society and started several companies to help pay for his schooling. His favorite was a Limousine Service that he later sold. He was active in the Michigan Marching Band as trumpet player, served as Equipment Manager, and took a key role with Dr. Becher after graduation developing new avenues for fundraising, travel, and sales items. Post-graduation, Bob continued his support activities with the Michigan Marching Band and Chaired the Ypsilanti Downtown Development authority creating an arts center, improving building facades, issued bonds, and implemented a multi-million dollar streetscape.

During this time Bob became a Regional Manager for a high-tech startup in Ann Arbor where he met his wife Kim. To diversify, Bob moved into the automotive OEM industry while Kim continued in the high-tech sector. Together they enjoyed the arts, frequenting art exhibits in Chicago to attending concerts at The Fox Theatre in Detroit.

In 1998, they relocated to North Carolina where Bob continued his career and held positions as Business Unit Manager, Plant Manager, General Manager, and a VP of Business Development for various manufacturers. Because their jobs would frequently take them to Europe, they would rendezvous in places like Paris, Monhiem, and Zurich to enjoy the history, culture, and arts that only old Europe has to offer. Later, in 2000 they purchased Horizon Gallery in Durham, NC. that helped artists of all mediums educate, promote, and sell their works. One of Bob's favorite stories is finding an amazing glass artist in the rain forest on the side of a volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Now back home in Ann Arbor, they live with their two dogs and 3 1/2 horses – the 1/2 being for Buddy the mini donkey, he explains. Bob is a Business Development consultant with multiple clients. He is currently working on new products for hospitals and a technology for real time indoor asset location and tracking for manufacturers.

After many years, Bob has reunited with Dr. Becher and Vavarde focusing on translating the ambitious vision of a nonprofit’s facility into a design with regards to form and function. This is a key step before engaging an architectural firm to move the vision of a nonprofit facility forward efficiently and with significant cost savings. We cannot imagine someone with more synergistic credentials and life experiences to help ensure the success of nonprofit projects.