Analytics and Metrics

Analytics and Metrics

Writing reports requires creativity. But it also requires preparation and planning. Vavarde team members can help you to identify the information that needs to be collected; work with you to develop the necessary tracking systems, and teach you how to align report writing with your organization’s communication plan.

  • The Big Picture: Create reports that reflect your organizational work and progress toward your goals.
  • The Details: Establish metrics and analytic systems before you start your project in order to facilitate capture of the information you’ll need later.
  • Board reports: Keep your key decision makers informed.
  • Annual Reports to Donors: Tell your story and inspire continuing support.
  • Grant Reports: Involve the grant project leaders, your development team, and your media writers in telling the story to multiple audiences. Required interim and final reports are critical to grant success and repeat funding. Informing your community about grant results can extend the impact of the project.
  • Social Media Analytics: Are you reaching your intended targets? Learn how to count the responses to your media campaign and how to plan before you post.
  • Tracking Your Donor Information and Cultivation Progress: Have you created the framework that you will need to retrieve the information that you want, when you want it? Be more successful by being more prepared. Vavarde can help.

Do you need help preparing for and writing reports? Call us today to find out how we can help!

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